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Yes, I’ve been in a fight. Hard to believe, I know. A few months into high school one of my good friends passed away. Still grieving and full of emotion I was informed that a girl we knew from the past was bad mouthing my friend. Normally I would have never reacted the way I did. In fact, I don’t have a violent bone in my body. After hearing about this girl disrespecting the deceased my friends and I hoped into the car. We drove around and found this girl walking with her friend. We jumped out of the slow moving car and ran towards her. I felt my blood boil. I’ve never been more ready to hurt someone in my life. We confronted her and scared to death with fluent apology she stumbled.


Focalizer- who tells the story
Fixed Focalization- 1 narrator stays w/ same characters
Variable Focalization- diff. narrators telling diff. parts of a story
Multiple Focalization- everyone telling the same episode from your point of view
Collective Focalization- told from the “we” perspective
Hypothetical Focalization- another character spying on another
Emply Center Focalization- no characters present


I liked “She Lived in a Story” because it was a challenge to the mind. There was a lot to figure out and understand. However lines had to be read over making it inconvenient. I’ve never really read anything like it before. But I have defiantly thought of the idea that for all we know we could be controlled by others. He controlled Ofelias every move. In some aspect it reminded me of the game The Sims. I thought the title gave you a sense of the story and was right on point. When we read we never really think about the writer and usually focus most of our attention on the character. We see that differently here.


In She lived in a Story, Ofelia (the made up woman in the story) talks about her creator writing her destiny. It can be even simpler then destiny. He writes how she is writing what she is writing. In the story Guerillmo writes;
“I write that he writes a story that I live in.”
Ofelia writes about the writer of her story. She tells the story of her creator. She is living in what she’s writing. Kind of like writing the life of the writer through a made up character. It also separates characters from real people. Ofelia may not really be writing because she isn’t a real person. Therefore Guillermo is really the only writer.


In this quote we have a discussion about an actor being different from a character. We are proposed with the question, what makes a character and actor and vise versa. Though it can be a very confusing concept we can look closely at it through the words of Guerillmo;
“In one way or another actors live in a text. They live the part they were given to play and they also live the text; they do not embody anyone at all. In the theater they live in literature for a brief moment. In motion pictures, some of their moments endure with a tendancy toward the infinite. Dramatics have written plays in an attempt to approach the ancient dream of the fiction writer: that human beings live in their texts. Thus, artistic creation transcends the imaginary level in order to achieve reality. In regard to my own concept, the movement is reversed; that is, reality moves toward the imaginary.”
After reading this quote I got the idea that characters are fiction versions of real people. As well as when creating a character, the character you come up with subconsciously comes from someone you know. Characters also live in the world their writers create for them. It may be helpful to think about the game “The Sims” when creating different peoples actions and emotions. It is also clear to me that reality is closer to imaginary then imaginary being closer to reality. I think we see the world the way we want to, whether it has to do with our imagination or not. Reality is something people usually skip over because fantasy is always more enduring. A writer also decides a characters destiny. What will happen to the character? How will their story end up?

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