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2nd free write on fight story:

I remember it was my first time in a fist fight. Emotion, anger, aggression, violence. Who knew I had it in me? who thought the day would come? my calm soft hands soon became tense and rough. the blood wasn’t mine. a feeling of victory. being someone else’s bad karma. how does karma work? will i be given bad karma for giving someone else theirs? how does pay back work? If she would of kept her mouth shut she wouldn’t be missing teeth. if my friend hadn’t died i wouldn’t be in this predicament. is my friends death the reason for this sudden urge for violence? does it then become the deceased fault? I can’t really blame anyone for my actions. just anger. year anger. anger sounds right. don’t mess with a good kid ever. especially when they are vulnerable. now you have no teeth. your fault or mine? deff yours. i can just wash my hands. you need stitches. whose laughing now? not you. not me either. but i’m relieved you got your karma. but whose going to be mine? no one. You had it coming. I didn’t. you deserved it, I don’t. ha-ha sucks to be you. grieving can be violent when provoked. will you think first next time? i would. I wouldn’t want your karma. no one would.


I remember a character creating a character. Seeing two stories with one pair of eyes. Ofelia and Guillermo. Guillermo is the creator. He uses his lecture previously given out a college to help him create the story of Ofelia. Ofelia doesn’t realize she is being controlled and can even convince us that she’s her own person. She’s confused. She’s on a stage. Being in front of an audience confuses her. I forget the ending. But when given pieces I can usually figure out the puzzle.


Free Write:

Write. Keep writing. Write about anything. Don’t worry about perfection. Year sure. Easier said then done. it goes against years of lessons learned. My handwriting sucks thats why I like to type. Why can’t I use my lap top? Do you want our hands to hurt? I think you do. Maybe its secretly a punishment for bad blog posts and responses. Nah, can’t be. It wasn’t last semester. Ouch hand. You need to build some muscle. Maybe pick up a finger exercise. A finger treadmill. yeah thats cool. Different. I was told to slow it down. But how could you control the speed of your thoughts. Ugh. College. Whats are you good for? All this money saved and spent to sweat and write about my hand. I should of stayed in retail. Who needs education? What is it? A scam. Def a scam. I could write about my hand for a lot less then 3,000 a semester. Keep going? come on. You try. Thoughts are dry. Rhymes are cool. Keep going? nah my head hurts.


4 stars. I liked where it took place. The idea of it being in NY makes it easier for a New Yorker to picture the story. I thought Marquita’s family being into witch craft was creative. It gave the story a cool twist. Its pretty obvious to say that the novel was a little gross. If it didn’t go over board about adding chapters about penis enlargements I probably would of gave it 5 stars. I also felt it was very comical. I also gave it one less star for the age difference between Omaha and Marquita. It made him seem like a pedophile.


Why is narratology useful for interpreting literature?

I think narratology is useful when interpreting literature because it helps you make your way down a new road of looking at something. I think for example the idea of flat and round characters makes you pull an individual out of a story and analyze there aspects. It may even give you time to interpret every aspect of that character which allows you to them put them into a category of either flat or round.
-Helps organize and categorize your thinking

What are some of the narratological elements you see happening in Omaha Bigelow?

I see multiple focalization because I noticed the narrators to the narrator, Omaha and Marquita.


When I was reading She Lived in a Story I thought a lot about Alice in Wonderland. Even though Ofelia and Alice’s stories are very opposite I kind of feel like the idea is the same. They are both put into these weird situations that could be a dream of some kind. Below I’ve included a clip of Alice in Wonderland. I’ve also included a video about the video game the Sims. I included the Sims because it goes with the idea of being in control of a characters every move.


I find Don Quito and his sidekick Sancho to be somewhat comical. I enjoyed the scene when Sancho is walking around with his pants down. As far as the rest of the book I wasn’t its biggest fan. Thought the comedy was steady through out the novel I didn’t think it help up all the way through.

-I am confused as to how to apply the terms to our responses. Does one word have to apply to both quotes or can they be different.

– I am so happy to put down Don Quixote and pick up a more modern day piece this week.


Ofelia doesn’t know what is going on until she realizes that in fact she is being watched. Watched by an audiences whose eyes are fixated on her every move. Her every word. Ofelia could feel herself being watched but was unsure as to why this was happening to her. She also would question her existence on the stage. Personally, I take this as a philosophical piece of work. Even though we know she is on a stage because we are either reading or watching she doesn’t. I feel that puts the character in a very vulnerable position. She goes into thoughts of maybe being in a dream or some kind of haze.


In She Lived in a Story by Guillermo Samperio, Guillermo is driving home to his wife while creating a story. He is quoting himself throughout the story before the actual story. He uses an idea from his lecture given a few moments earlier. Guillermo talks about creative writing being architecture. Most importantly there is a small section where he talks about how he came up with the title for his story.
“Out of the blue, he said to himself that a woman would be the appropriate character. In a clouded manner he visualized a woman living in a story created by him. “She lived in the text” was first transformation. “ Now I’m already in the domain of the story; the itself is literary, it sounds good.” (Samperio 56)


I gave Don Quixote two stars. I think by doing so I am being generous. I didn’t like how far back this book goes as well as it being a story about a knight. In all honesty I probably won’t be reading the second part on my own time. A novel about a knight brings it back to way to far in history and history isn’t something that ever really interested me. However I did like the mini one or two line summaries before every chapter. It allowed me to know just what I was in for. I wouldn’t recommend this book to a friend because I feel it wouldn’t be within their interests. I did how ever like Sancho because he was like a corky side kick.

based my rating on personal opinion not really the novel itself, may that was unfair
Don Quixto was a little comical takes Sancho under his wing.
favor modern day literature
i guess i didn’t really give it a fair rating
Sancho kind of coward character
liked 2 line summary in the beginning of the chapters, prepared me for the chapter

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